By Cassidy bridges

Thank you it’s An AFRO

Thank You, It's An Afro is a story of self-love, and confidence written by 7 year 7-year-old Child Author; Cassidy Bridges. She did not see characters in books that looked like her so she decided she needed to share her story. Available on,, and where books are sold.

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Cassidy Brianna Bridges, Author, designer, Actor, and Motivational Speaker. The seven-year-old prodigy enchants with her diverse tales and steals hearts with her on-screen charm. Whether captivating young minds with her confidence-building stories or captivating adults with her irresistible charisma, Cassidy is a star on the rise, spreading joy and inspiration wherever she goes one smile a day.

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Cassidy’s Daily Affromation

“I do not have to fear or be discouraged”

“I will be successful”

"I have gifts and talents (when I use them, I get more)"

"Every Curl, Every Hue, Every Dream adds to my beauty"

"There are no flaws in me"

"I am smart, and bold"

"My goals are worth fighting for"

"I am a winner, I will not quit"

"I will never stop learning"

"I will take one step at a time"

"My voice is important, I will use it"

"My voice is important, I will use it"

"I will give my best to everything I do."

"God is invested in me being my best "

"I am a good friend"

"I will not let anyone dull my shine"

"I will not compare myself to anyone else."

"I am amazing"

"I love me"

"My feelings are important"

"I am a winner, I will not quit"

"I will take 1 step at a time"