Who are we and why do we care about self-love?

Who are we and why do we care about self-love?

We are a family owned and operated Black, Woman, and Child owned Business. We began our journey modeling and being a brand rep for some amazing companies such as Shar by Design, Lilly Frilly, Pretty Bead Co and many other Woman and/or Minority Owned Companies. Cassidy has been featured on shows like Good Morning America, and Good Day NY being herself and doing what she loves which includes modeling and acting. 

One warm winter day Cassidy like many days was determined to work, yes at 4 years old. As much as I knew we had partnerships we had just received I had something planned for them later that week and had the intention to go to target to shop and nothing more. At the time we didn't even have a vehicle and Cassidy asked the uber driver to pull over near a scenic area. I quickly disagreed and told her we would stop before going into her second favorite store, Target. 

As a person who tries to teach be a Woman of your word, I followed through and Cassidy shot her promotion. While we were shooting a special moment happened and thankfully it was caught on tape(check out our Ticktoc, or IG to view if you missed it).As a young woman with natural hair walked by she addressed Cassidy directly and told her that she loved her hair. Cassidy wearing her favorite Afro Unicorn shirt and  being her confident self responded , Thank You It's An Afro!

That one moment was seen and shared all across the world by millions of people including Oprah Daily, The Shade Room, Niecy Nash, BET, BETher, Tina Knowles, and many more.

Over the past year one message has stood out. Be yourself. Every person is born with unique and special traits that only they can bring to the world. As a parent I have always done my best to encourage her to share her voice and opinion, to love who she is and accept the natural beauty she has and seeing people from all over the world relate and be encouraged to wear their natural hair and be unapologetically themselves is more than we could ever ask for. 

What is Healthy Self-Esteem/ Self-Love? Healthy self-esteem refers to realistic, affirming thoughts and feelings about oneself. People with healthy self‑esteem treat themselves and others with respect, take responsibility for their own behavior, and are proud of what they accomplish. 

Statistics show people with higher self esteem are more adjusted and fulfilled in life. Our theory is that if we can bring some of what we teach and believe at home into the world and share with others through education and positive images it is our duty to do so. If we can reach the youth through positive images of other naturals it will make the world of difference, not just in business but in the overall good of humanity(it's that deep to us). In fact, it's estimated that roughly 85% of people worldwide (adults and adolescents) have low self-esteem. Low self-esteem has been linked to violent behavior, school dropout rates, teenage pregnancy, suicide, and low academic achievement.(psychologytoday.com)

On a side note if while teaching naturals more self-love we can reach others who just want to know more or can apply the same lessons to their life we have outdone our job. 

This. Is. Us.

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